Provide the highest Quality lime products and services Safely, Efficiently, and Timely in order to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our Quality Statement


Austin White Lime Company and its employees provide their customers, internal and external, with the highest quality products and services.  We “do it right the first time” to deliver on what we promise, when we promise and where we promise. Austin White Lime Company continually analyzes ways to improve processes and procedures to increase efficiency for the benefit of our various stakeholders.

Business Principles

1. Employees are our greatest asset and safety is our top priority for all our stakeholders.

2. Conducting our actions with honesty, respect, integrity, courage, and humility is the foundation of our business.

3. Responding to the needs of our customers and co-workers with helpfulness and urgency are the keys to success.

4. Teamwork, accountability, and challenging the status quo are required at every level.

5. A strong foundation of corporate citizenship is our commitment to the community and environment.  

6. Operate the business efficiently using prudent management practices to provide a suitable return for the stakeholders.

Our History

Austin White Lime was originally established in 1888 as Martin and Walker. Mr. A.F. Martin was the president and proprietor. 



commitment to Community

Austin White Lime’s employees and owners have the same commitment to excellence as they had when the company was founded.

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