Quicklime, Hydrated Lime, & Hydrated Lime Slurry from Austin, Texas


High Calcium Quicklime– (click here for SDS)

Quicklime is produced when high quality limestone or calcium carbonate is heated to extreme temperatures thus burning off carbon dioxide and producing quicklime (calcium oxide).

Quicklime is used  for soil stabilization, building construction, Drinking and waste water treatment, steel manufacturing, Flue gas treatment, Pulp and Paper manufacturing.

We offer 3 sizes of quicklime – Pebble, Fine and Pulverized.

Pebble Quicklime, Fine Quicklime and Pulverized quicklime are sold in Bulk quantities.

Pulverized and Pebble Quicklime are also available in 50 lb. bags


Hydrated Lime– (click here for SDS)

Hydrated Lime is produced by adding water to quicklime. 

Hydrated Lime is used by drilling companies, construction  / mason workers, asphalt producers, and water treatment facilities.

Available in bulk quantities as well as 50 lb. and 10 lb. bags


Hydrated Lime Slurry

Hydrate Lime Slurry is produced when hydrated lime is mixed with water to make a slurry solution.  It varies in thinkness but has an average range of 35-45% solids.

We make a lime slurry that is delivered to the job site for soil stabilization. – also called (Type B Commercial Lime Slurry). 

We also deliver a slurry mixture for industrial uses.  EX:  acid neutralization.


**Depending on product availability, we can noramlly deliver your order within two to three businesses days.




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